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Tim Gallwey  is the author who has written a series of books in which he has set forth a new methodology for coaching and for the development of personal and professional excellence in a variety of fields that he calls "The Inner Game".
Since he began writing in the 1970s, his books include The Inner Game of TennisThe Inner Game of GolfThe Inner Game of Music (with Barry Green), Inner Skiing and The Inner Game of Work. Gallwey's seminal work is The Inner Game of Tennis, with more than two million copies in print.

Besides sports, his training methods have been applied to the fields of business, health, and education.

Unique contribution: Tim is considered the Founding Father of Coaching.

As a boy, in 1960 Tim Gallwey was nationally ranked tennis player in his division and later captained his Harvard University team.

On what was meant to be a sabbatical from a career in college administration, Gallwey worked as a tennis instructor in Monterey, CA. Initially, he focused his efforts on giving traditional instructions with mixed results. He soon discovered that if he simply invited his students to focus their awareness on their strokes as they were, technique evolved naturally and seemed to self-correct.

Players using Gallwey’s methods improved far more rapidly than usual, and without self-criticism or trying so hard to “do it right”. By quieting self-interference, they were more able to tap into their natural abilities with greater ease.

From this discovery came Gallwey’s first book, The Inner Game of Tennis, which has sold over two million copies.

In the years after his first book’s release, readers even began to employ the Inner Game methods to their lives off court, and Tim moved into applying The Inner Game methods of change to corporate work. His long term clients included Apple, AT&T, The Coca Cola Company, and Rolls Royce where he applied The Inner Game of coaching for Leadership, Sales, Change management and Teamwork, Gallwey’s work has often been credited as the foundation of the new fields of corporate and life coaching.

Tim’s current focus lies in developing the Inner Game International School and the online implementation of Life U to make Inner Game tools available globally to aid individuals of any age or background in achieving their goals anywhere, anytime.

Top Inner Game Applications:

Everyone is encouraged to discover how to apply The Inner Game to expand their potential for success and satisfaction.

√ Executives √ Employees √ Athletes √ Parents √ Students √ Teachers √ Coaches √ Consultants √ Human Beings wanting fulfillment in life

Individuals and groups alike can benefit from integrating the Inner Game into their personal and professional lives. These universal concepts are applicable to every life situation, helping improve personal excellence in your relationships, business, physical performance, and most importantly, you level of internal satisfaction.

Grow potential and reduce self-interference. Don’t just be a doer in life; whatever you are doing, learn, evolve, and maximize your enjoyment of the limited time you are given.

- T. Gallwey

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