Dr. Ben Koh, MCC

ICF Master Certified Coach


Ben is a certified Master Coach and Mentor Coach – the highest accreditation for professional coaching in the International Coaching Federation (ICF). He believes that there is no greater reward than to help others realize their potential and live fuller lives. He is also firmly committed to advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching and helping many others become certified Coaches.

Ben is distinguished by being one of only 700 recipients worldwide of the Master Certified Coach credential - the highest coaching accreditation in the professional coaching awarded by the International Coach Federation. As an experienced Master Coach with more than 15 years of cross-cultural leadership experiences, he is able to draw from his understanding of coaching trends and interpret coaching competencies with a unique Asian perspective for coaching.

Unique Contribution: Making Good Leaders Great

With nearly 20 years of experience as a Leadership Effectiveness and Transition Coach, Ben has brought the benefits of coaching to organizations helping leaders raise the bar on their performance and managing their success. He has been delivering C-Suite coaching services globally, for executives in leading corporations. His understanding on the dynamic relationship between the needs of individual contributors and the objectives of organization allows him to deliver high-stakes coaching delivering behavior change that has direct impact on business performance.
Using his deep and evocative style of coaching, he enables leaders to experience powerful shift in their thinking and empowers them to lead from an inside-out approach. He partners with his clients and inspire them deeply to use their innate capacity to excel in what matters most to them and enabling to flourish in their full leadership capacity. He engages them in deep and focus learning conversation that stimulate them to reflect critically, align their personal and work values and hold themselves accountable to their decision.
He is passionate about seeing leaders capitalize on their strengths while accepting and addressing development needs. Ben has particular expertise in coaching leader on the following aspects: improve and develop personal leadership effectiveness, coach team members for performance and transit smoothly to next level of leadership responsibilities.

Thought-Leader In The Field Of Transforming Coaching

Ben is firmly committed to advancing the art, science and practice of professional coaching. Ben is considered among the most influential thought leader on transformative coaching. He has created his proprietary coaching framework known as Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation TM that encapsulates the process of reflective learning that seeks to heightens awareness and deepens the learning to enable sustainable change. He is the Founder of Coach Masters Academy – a coaching academy with a global presence in more than 18 countries.
Not only does Ben have more than 17 years experience in the field of people development, he is also cross-culturally experienced, having worked in over 17 countries. An articulate and highly energetic trainer, he is able to speak passionately and inspire deeply. He speaks globally at corporations, conference and public event teaching leaders how to create authentic change and is in constant demand as a leadership speaker and workshop facilitator.

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