Dan Mocanu

Innovation Architect | Organist


Dan is an explorer of possibility in the realms of business, physics, music and software engineering.
As an innovator he architects processes for the development of accelerated growth strategies through pioneering products that redefine industries; as a coach, he catalyzes high individual and team performance and as an organist he is a student of Bach's perfection.
Dan is a Blue Ocean Strategy Practitioner, ICF member with over 500 credit hours in leadership development certified by the (IACET) in USA.
The cumulative additional revenue catalyzed by Dan reaches over $50 million with an average ROI of 50 to 1 and at least of 10 in 1.
Dan designs and facilitates programs for entrepreneurs, corporations and professionals to elevate performance and transform the organizational culture.
He is also a speaker on TEDx.

TEDx Talk

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