Fundamentals and Tools

Brussels, Belgium
Start date
October 29, 2019
End date
October 31, 2019

The Inner Game takes place in the mind, and is played against rivals very difficult to be defeated, such as nervousness, lack of confidence and fear of failure. Even great leaders, athletes and normal people fight against their inner enemies to achieve success and high performance.

How can we maintain concentration in situations of extreme pressure? How can we fight with our inner voice that insists on stating “you are not prepared and you are not doing a good job today”. The concept of the Inner Game offers concrete ways for you, regardless of your area of focus, to be able to concentrate on preventing insecurities from interfering with your main goals and high performance.

One of the most important points in The Inner Game methodology is what Tim Gallwey calls “relaxed concentration.” It is a fundamental skill to improve every aspect of your performance. Come and participate and learn these and other concepts, today practiced by great sportsmen and executives of the main corporations of the world.
In this intense module, participants will learn to put into practice all these concepts and also effectively use Inner Game Tools. It includes learning the key points of The Inner Game methodology, practical tools, demonstrations, practices, and effective and instructive feedback. Participants will learn how to apply coaching in a unique way – in the Inner Game way – by practicing and learning from their own experience.

  • History of the Inner Game
  • Inner Game x inner game
  • Introduction to Inner Chats – Self 1 and Self 2
  • Help your clients and yourself better access Self 2
  • Natural learning and relaxed focus
  • Important variables and how to use the concept for focus management
  • Working on personal conflicts and relationships through
  • Feedback by observation
  • Improving aspects of control and focus
  • Performance Formula – P = p-i

Inner Game modules are focused on experiential learning. Here you practice, use the powerful tools of the Inner Game and draw your own conclusions.

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